Three-colour Elephant (2012)

[Story Synopsis]

    The year 2092, the forest on the earth is running out of resources, so the Three-colour elephant has to leave his home, come to the city to find more opportunities.      

    He found a job working at the airport to lift the traveler's luggage. On the surface, he lives in a most normal lifestyle, but during the weekend he always wandering on the empty ground to release his wildness. City life makes him stress out, as an elephant, he couldn't get the same respect as other humans. But he secretly falls in love with a very nice human girl, her smile is like the sunshine in his memory. However, the elephant's self-abasement put himself in a silent friendzone.
    Finally, it's almost the end of the world, the Earth has been dark for 7 days and nights. He used the best materials that he can find, made an exquisite compass as a gift for the girl he loves to escape from the Earth.

    The girl got the compass, she runs and runs, the direction is always towards the sun. The Earth suddenly explodes. They meet on the galaxy, on the way running towards the sun.

Dreamcatcher (2019)
[Story Synopsis]

   The girl Ella who has psychic power try to find an entrance to enter one of the other infinite universes where her boyfriend still alive. By manipulating her dreams, along with the help of Kali (the Goddess of death) in her dream, she goes through the layers of nightmare and finally made it through her boyfriend’s dream and had the conversation. 

    In reality, her boyfriend died a year ago on the way to see her. They had an intense argument before the car accident. She feels extremely guilty about it. Since then she had drug abuse problems and waste her life on TV shows, junk food, and the easiest work... Ella’s parents worry about her and even plan to send her to a mental hospital to do a memory-erase treatment… So she left home, got a job in a fast-food restaurant.

    With the help of an “insane” cleaner, she entered to another parallel universe (by altering her dreams to reality and reverse the time). When she finally meets her boyfriend, he lives happily with his wife and son and he doesn’t know her at all.