My interview with Gallery Sorelle Sciarone as an artist and Content Creator in the 21st Century

A little while ago, I did this interview with art historian and gallery manager Tascha Sciarone, she's a nice and passionate lady with the vision of connecting artist, art historians and curators to build a vibrant local art scene. We talked about my experiences in art, my personal goals, struggles, as well as the message to the world.

I am really happy to be seen as an artist (although I think artist is not a title, but a state of mind). It feels amazing to speak up and to inspire, influence people who loves art as much as I do. How much faith do we need to overcome the hassles and the struggles to chase our dreams? A LOT. I think everyone who pursue art in life have similar struggles, but each path is also unique. We live in a society that somehow isolated with each other, but I want to assure that: I have been there too, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Read the full interview here:

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