Royal Talens Gouache review + new drawing!

It's been a while since I started to research about gouache paint, and finally decide to give it try! If you are familiar with watercolor or acrylic, you will find gouache is super easy to work with and I am always happy to explore my new art supplies.

I bought this primary set from my favorite art store in Amsterdam - Van Der Linde. The price is 11.87 Euros for 5 tubes, 20 microlitres each. I think it's a good deal for the artist-grade gouache. Royal Talens is a Dutch brand, if you buy their art supplies here in the Netherlands, the price is quite reasonable.

Let’s take a look at the set. The color in the set is white, permanent rose (or magenta), lemon yellow, cyan, and intense black. All of these colors have a cool tone. When I was in the store, I saw another mini-set that have 6 tubes, including both cool and warm tone primary colors for 20 Euros. I didn't buy it because if I choose to have another two or three colors, I rather have burnt umber and sap green... But of course, you can always mix the colors by yourself. Warm and cool tones can have a quite different color wheel.

And below I will show you my color wheel. The top is red (in this case, it's magenta, so you see it's very pink, especially with more water). Then I gradually add yellow to it, and we have our orange here. Less and less red, to the point that we have pure yellow on our color wheel. The same way, then we add a bit of blue, it becomes green. It looks like sap green now, and it's super practical in drawing nature. The same principle, we add more and more blue, the green is becoming blue, then we add red to it, it becomes purple.

Below you can see the Pallete #1 is the original palette color, palette #2 is the color wheel that added white, and the color wheel #3 added black. Black is a very dark shade of blue, especially in this one, the name is of this color is "intense black". Only a little bit can make any color super dark. It turns red to purple, and the orange to green. Be careful with the mixing, and don't assume that you can simply add black to darken the color! Because it will change the color you have.

Another way of using gouache is to mix with watercolor, but this time, since it's a product review, I will only show you guys how do I paint this portrait with the gouache set. I made a video about it, please check it out. The drawing process starts at 2:37.

Final thoughts: I am very happy with the result of both the gouache product and my drawing! The final painting is uploaded here. In this series, Loose V is painted with Royal Talens gouache set + watercolor.

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