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For the past three years, I have designed ShortCutz Facebook banners, onsite banners, and social posts in various formats to help create powerful visuals that stands out.


ShortCutz, 2021 

Weekly session #265.png
Weekly session #266.png
Weekly session #268.png
Weekly session #267.png


ShortCutz, 2022


Summer Camp is a scriptwriting program developed by ShortCutz network. The idea is to challenge scriptwriters to complete the story assignment in 10 days. There are also sessions to meet other writers and guests during the program. By the end of the challenge, the experts from the film industry will review all submissions and select 6 entries, and candidates will meet the hosts and hear valuable feedback.

When designing the Summer Camp social media post, we decided to deliver a happy, chill vibe to the candidates. After a whole year of pandemic, we wish the candidates to take the writing challenge as a game rather than a serious work, a relaxed stay-in-vacation. For 2021, I chose bright colours and funny graphics instead of a black-white tropical theme in 2019.


ShortCutz, 2020

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