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The photos of the unused item are shot in different locations: Lombok Indonesia, Bangkok Thailand, Essaouira Morroco, and A street corner in Paris. The stories behind are always along with the massive demolishment by nature or humans.

For example, the island Lombok in Indonesia has tsunamis and earthquakes for years, nature disasters have destroyed many of the beachside houses. Some areas are always in the process of being demolished - rebuild - demolished again. Aikmel is a village in the center of the earthquake zone, and there are some locals who no longer sleep inside the room because of the earthquake trauma. They use some bamboo to build an ample roof for numbers of people to sleep outside and to prepare for the next earthquake that might occur at any time. Due to the multiple natural disasters on the island, reconstruction and tinkering are everywhere. The furniture and the facilities were thrown there since then, and those damages emerged the temporary nature of everything.  

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