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Agency: Jellysmack

As a video editor at Jellysmack,  my role was to produce top-notch influencer videos tailored to different platforms' guidelines. We got multimillion views on some videos. It's not random, it's all from strategy, editing hacks, and AB tests.

I utilize hacks such as matched graphics and sound effects to create engaging content that resonated with the audience. Eye-catching thumbnail designs were a priority, as they significantly influenced click-through rates. We specifically focus on the 1st minute since that's when the first FaceBook ads run.


Data analysis played a crucial part in my work. I studied AB test results and retention curves to improve video performance, ensuring our content remained captivating and effective. Moreover, I also check videos from other editors, reviewing and enhancing their videos. In summary, my responsibilities involved creating compelling influencer videos, adhering to platform guidelines, utilizing data insights, and collaborating with the team to deliver outstanding content at Jellysmack.

Down below are some examples of the edit, I edited 200+ videos for a various of channels.

AB Test

AB test 

AB testing in video performance involves creating three versions of a video, each with different intros from the original. The purpose is to analyze which version performs the best in terms of audience retention. By presenting varied intros, we can assess which introduction captures viewers' attention most effectively.

AB testing helps us optimize video performance by identifying the most effective intro, understanding retention drop factors, and implementing improvements to create captivating content that resonates with our audience.


Note: If the video doesn't play, please try another browser, or close your "ad block" extension.

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